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What is an example of a sign a symptom a syndrome and disease 


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The sign is the term in the medical which means that any evidence of the disease which is visible to the eyes of the other people apart from the patient.

A symptom is termed as any subjective evidence of the disease which is only felt by the patient. No, one can see this evidence, but can only be described by the patient.

A disease is an abnormal condition is the body, which results in the change in the structure and functioning of the organs of the body.

A syndrome is defined as that condition in which there are more than one signs and symptoms in the body. It can be caused due to genetic mutations.


Step 2

The sign is the visible evidence of any disease. Example of this is skin rash or coughing.

The symptom is the subjective evidence of the disease. It is felt by the patient and no one can see it. Its example is back pain, headache, or abdominal pain.

A disease is an abnormal condition, affecting the organs of the body. It can be caused ...

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