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What is Astronomy


What is Astronomy

Step 1

Astronomy is the study of celestial bodies and phenomena that occur outside the earth atmosphere. It uses the basic tools of the science (such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Mathematics to d...

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Q: Suppose the mass of a fully loaded module in which astronauts take off from the Moon is 10,700 kg. T...

A: To find:The mass of a fully loaded module is 10,700 kg. The thrust of its engines is 26,500 N. The g...


Q: Assume that an MX missile goes from rest to a suborbital velocity of 3.50 km/s in 60.0 s (the actual...

A: Given that the missile starts its motion from rest, so that the initial velocity is zero. The final ...


Q: A crane lifts a 425 kg steel beam vertically upward a distance of 95 m. How much work does the crane...

A: The work done by the crane can be calculated using following steps:Given:


Q: In an oscillating LC circuit with L = 44 mH and C = 4.9 μF, the current is initially a maximum. How ...

A: Given,


Q: A negative charge of -0.510 μC exerts an upward 0.800-N force on an unknown charge that is located 0...

A: The equation for the magnitude of the electrostatic force between two charges is given by


Q: How would you find the time it would take?

A: the expression to calculate the time taken by the laser beam is given by


Q: A stone is thrown upward from a bridge at a speed of 10m/s. it narrowly misses the bridge on the way...

A: The expression for the height of the bridge from kinematics equation,


Q: The following conversion equivalents are given:1 gal = 231 in3 1 ft = 12 in 1 min = 60 s A pipe deli...

A: Given Information:1 gal = 231 in31 ft = 12 in1 min = 60 secondsAnd volume flow rate of water Q = 95 ...


Q: What is the magnitude of the force on 2 meters of wire carrying 0.5 A of current at an angle of 37 d...

A: Force on the wire is,

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