2. What is Chernobyl disaster?What is Fukishima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster?

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Q: How many hydrogens are attached to each of the indicated carbon atoms in the f cholesterol compound?

A: Carbon always form 4 bonds with the other atoms. By forming 4 bonds it can complete its octet. The b...

Q: STABILITY TOWARDS HEAT Heat a pinch of table salt in a clean, dry test tube for two minutes. Cool t...

A: 1. Heat a pinch of table salt in a clean, dry test tube for two minutes and then cool it.

Q: If .00841 moles of iodine react, what is the theoretical yield of zinc iodide

A: Given: moles of iodine = 0.00841 mol molar mass of ZnI2 = 319.22 g/mol

Q: Q. Write fragments in mass spectroscopy of CH3- O-CH2-CH2-CI , m/z 14, 15, 27 ,28 ,45 ,63 ,77 ,94. m...

A: The mass fragments of the CH3-O-CH2-CH2-Cl are: (a) 14    (b) 15    (c) 27    (d) 28    (e) 45     (...

Q: Chemistry Question

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Q: Discuss ethanol use in fuels, including the pros and cons of different percentage formulations. Disc...

A: Ethanol when used as a fuel there are many pros and cons .

Q: A person uses 770 kcal on a long hike. Calculate the energy used for the hike

A: The capacity (or ability) of a body to perform certain amount of work is known as energy. The SI uni...

Q: If 22.1 g of NO and 13.8 g of O₂ are used to form NO₂, how many moles of excess reactant will be lef...

A: Given: mass of NO = 22.1 g mass of O₂ = 13.8 g molar mass of NO = 30.01 g/mol molar mass of O₂ = 32....

Q: 2.

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