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What is D30 (or D10 or D 60)?


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D10, D30, D60 refers to:

D10 = particle size (diameter in mm) at which 10% of soil mass finer than the size.

D30 = particle size (diameter in mm) at which 30% of soil mass finer than the size.

D60 = particle size (diameter in mm) at which 60% of soil mass finer than the size.

Step 2

It can be easily be understand by sieve analysis chart. For example...


Image Transcriptionclose

sheet for sieve analysis Percentage Commulative retained S. No. IS Particle Weight retained %. sieve size retained finer (D) in mm (gm) (N) 1. 100 mm 100 mm 100 2. 63 mm 63 mm 2 0.2 0.2 99.8 20 mm 3. 20 mm 40 4.0 4.2 95.8 10 mm 4. 10 mm 4.75 mm 33 3.3 6.5 93.5 4.75 mm 5. 49 4.9 88.6 79.9 11.4 6. 2 mm 2 mm 87 8.7 20.1 7. 1 mm 1 mm 96 9.6 29.7 43.7 60.7 70.3 8. 600 micron 0.6 mm 0.425 mm 0.300 mm U.212 mim 0.150 mm 140 14.0 56.3 9. 425 micron 170 39.3 30.0 17.0 10 here D 10 is 0.300 mm 300 micron 93 9.3 70.0 11 212 micron 85 8.5 78.5 21.5 12. 150 micron 33 3.3 81.8 18.2 13. 75 micron 0.075 mm 56 5.6 87.4 12.6 14 Pan 116


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