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What is differential calculus? And what is the best example to understand it?


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Differential calculus:


Differential calculus is subfield of calculus.


In the calculus it has two major branches: Differential calculus and integral calculus.


In this field we study the rate of change of one quantity (dependent) quantity with respect to another (independent).


Differential equations, derivatives, and applications of derivatives are part of Differential calculus. The derivative of the function is defined as the rate of change of functions with respect to the given values.


Hence, Differential calculus is the study of rates of change of functions, using the tools of limits and derivatives.

Step 2

There are some real-life applications of differential calculus are:

  • Calculation of profit and loss with respect to business using graphs.
  • Calculation of the rate of change of the temperature
  • Calculation of speed or distance covered such as miles per hour, kilometres per hour, etc.
  • Healthcare: Cancer chemotherapy, disease epidemic.
  • Computer network: disaster management, product or services.
Step 3

 Here understands the differential calculus by example:


Let's consider a car trip from Delhi to Jaipur and the distance is approximately 280 km and it will take about 5hour now by using dis...

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