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What is meant by the term chromatin remodeling? Describe the importance of this process to transcription. 


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Chromatin remodeling:

It is the chromatin rearrangement from a condensed condition to a transcriptionally accessible condition. It allows the transcription factors or some of the other DNA binding proteins to approach the DNA and control the expression of gene.

The movement of nucleosome by the chromatin remodelers is necessary to the numerous important biological processes that includes the assembly and segregation of chromosome, replication and repair of DNA, pluripotency, embryonic development, progression of cell-cycle.

Abnormalities in the chromatin remodeling proteins leads to the human diseases (cancer).

This process is highly associated in the epigenetics.

Step 2

Importance of Chromatin remodeling in the transcription:

Chromatin remodeling process plays a major role in the controlling of gene expression by facilitating the transcription machinery with active access to a tightly wrapped genome.


The regulation of transcription of the genome is regulated mainly at the pre-initiation step. It occurs by the attachment of the core transcriptional machinery proteins (such as transcription factors, RNA polymerase, activators and the repressors) to the core promoter sequence. It takes place on the coding site of the DNA.

Though in the nucleus, DNA is strongly wrapped with the aid of wrapp...

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