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What is meant by the term site-specific recombination as used in identifying the processes that lead to the integration of temperate bacteriophages into host bacterial chromosomes during lysogeny or to the formation of specialized transducing phage?


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Step 1

Phages cannot reproduce on their own as they use their biological machinery in the host cell for this purpose. They infect the host cell for their replication.

Viral replication can be defined as the formation of living viruses during the course of infection in the cell of the host organism. Viruses must enter into the cell before the viral replication can take place. By the production of new and plentiful copies of its genome, the virus remains infecting new host cells. Viruses can reproduce by either the lytic or lysogenic life cycles.

Step 2

Lysogenic cell cycle:

It occurs in temperate phages such as a lambda phage. This cycle has following steps:

It begins just like the lytic life cycle or previously integrated viral DNA with the host DNA.

The viral DNA is present inside the host DNA.

Replication of viral D...

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