What is the argumented matrix of the two systems?




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Q: write the rational expression in lowest term. xy-2x+5y-10/xy+3x+5y+15

A: Given rational expression is,  

Q: Equations of Lines Find an equation of the line given the slope and y-intercept Question Find the eq...

A: Let equation of the line be y=mx+c, where c is y-intercept. From the graph we see y-intercept is 

Q: the first choice is growing or decaying. please indicate the final anwser by circling it.

A: Given,

Q: I am working on homework involving matrices and the simplex method and I am not sure how to perform ...

A: Refer to the question, using the simplex table we have to explain the pivoting element and then form...

Q: Graph the solution set for the linear inequalities  x+y>6 2x-y<6

A: Draw the line equations as shown below.

Q: The width of a rectangular cardboard is 10 inches longer than its width. Squares of 2 inches on a si...

A: Let the width of the rectangular cardboard be ‘a’.According to the question, the length is 10 inches...

Q: Molly is making strawberry infused water. For each ounce of strawberry juice, she uses three ounces ...

A: Molly is making strawberry infused water. For each ounce of strawberry juice, she uses three ounces ...

Q: 8. Use the fact that 1 yd equals 27 ft to make the following conversion. 3 yd to cubic feet З yа3 - ...

A: Given that 1 yd3 = 27 ft3.

Q: Question in Photo!

A: The given functions are as follows:

Q: Lashonda took out a $6000 loan for 5 months and was charged simple interest. The total interest she ...

A: Formula:

Q: The manufacturer of an energy drink spends $1.40 to make each drink and sells them for $3. The manuf...

A: Consider the given information:

Q: A railroad crew can lay 6 miles of track each day. They need to lay 168 miles of track. The length, ...

A: According to the given information,

Q: Question Graph the equation z +4y= -6 by plotting points. Sorry, that's incorrect. Try again? 6 3

A: Given:

Q: For the quadratic function f(x)=x^2+4x, answer part (a) below ​(a) What are the coordinates of the v...

A: Recall the following facts.

Q: Number 90 I'm not sure hoto answer this

A: To graph the inequality and write the set in interval notation.

Q: Solve the system  x+y+z=-7 2x-y-3z=7 2x+2y-2z=-2

A: It is given that the systems of equations are,

Q: Use the exponential decay model  y = ae−bt  to complete the table for the radioactive isotope. (Roun...

A: To determine the value of radioactive isotope after 1000 years.

Q: Solve the unknown from the following equation:2(x + 9) = 6(x + 7) − 36

A: Given,

Q: If $8,000 is invested at 6% per year compounded monthly, the future value S at any time t (in months...

A: To find the amount after 1 year we need to use the given formula.

Q: Algebra Question

A: To complete the table of solutions to the linear equation.

Q: A submarine is at an underwater depth of 700 feet. It then rises 600 feet, dives 500 feet, and final...

A: To determine the final depth of the submarine.

Q: How do you answer 57?

A: As per norms, the first three questions are answered. To study the motion of the object under the gi...

Q: 34.

A: Degree of the given ploynomial is : 5, which is odd and Leading coefficent is : 1, which is a positi...

Q: The smallest angle of a triangle is 2 degrees more than 1/4 of the largest angle. The middle angle i...

A: Let the largest angle be x.

Q: For the problem: f(x)=8/x^2-16 d. Please find the horizontal or slant asymptotes, if any. e. Graph t...

A: Consider the given function,

Q: Can someone please help me with this solution. The problem is attached.

A: Out of the two equations, the equation intended by y = 1/2x is,

Q: If g(t) = -3t3 , evaluate g(4t).

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Number 42

A: Given,

Q: Question Find the slope of the line shown below. -5 0 -5 Provide your answer below: m BFEEDBACK MORE...

A: The line passes through (1,5),(0,2) 

Q: What are the blanks?

A: Let growth for one year is x. then in three years it will grow by x^3. x^3=2so, x= 1.26Answer(a): 1....

Q: 6 x-1 x x-1 this is one problem put together no equal signs

A: Consider the given expression

Q: If an investment company pays 6% compounded semiannually, how much should you deposit now to have $1...

A: Compound interest formula:

Q: This problem uses the Richter scale for the strength of an earthquake. The strength, W, of the seism...

A: We are given that M=log (W/W0) and in 2013 the Khash earthquake in Iran had a Richter scale rating o...

Q: Let E and F be two events and suppose P(E) = 0.34, P(F) = 0.59, and P(E  F) = 0.75. Find P(E | F). (...

A: Let E and F be two events.

Q: Solve for n. F=5/3(n-82)

A: The given equation is,

Q: From a shipment of 75 transistors, 6 of which are defective, a sample of 6 transistors is selected a...

A: (a) There are totally 75 transistors out of which 6 are defective and 6 are selected at random. The ...

Q: which of the functions are linear? Explain your reasoning.  f(x)=x2+2x-3      g(x)=3x+8     h(x)=4

A: Click to see the answer

Q: I need help with number 40

A: Definition:

Q: Sound in decibels is measured by comparing the sound intensity, I, to a benchmark sound I0 with inte...

A: Given,

Q: How do you answer 62?

A: The given rational function is,

Q: For the problem: f(x)= x^2+x-12/x+3 d. Find horizontal or slant asymptotes, if any. e. Graph the asy...

A: The given polynomial is,