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What is the conspicuous form of the seedless vascular plants? Is it haploid or diploid?


What is the conspicuous form of the seedless vascular plants? Is it haploid or diploid?

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Plants that grow in height and have a well-developed system (true roots, stems, and leaves) for transportation of food and water (H2O) are known as vascular plants. Vascular plants are considered as the largest group in the plant kingdom. Trees and shrubs possess woody stems that grow tall are some examples of vascular plants. Seedless vascular plants are characterized by plants that comprised of vascular tissues, however, they do not generate flowers or seeds. Club mosses, whisk ferns, ferns, and horsetails are some examples of seedless vascular plants.

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The seedless vascular plants reproduce by spores instead of seeds. Unlike many seeds, the spores are lightweight so the...

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