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What is the difference between anabolic and catabolic reactions?


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The reactions of anabolism and catabolism are part of the process of metabolism which is important for the functionality, development and growth of an organism.

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Catabolic reactions take place to break down a complex molecule into its corresponding building blocks whereas anabolic reactions take place to...


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Anabolic reactions A complex molecule that is required for the functionality of the body is synthesized using smaller and simple molecules in this reaction. These kinds of reactions involve hormones like insulin, growth hormones, testosterone and oestrogen Energy is utilized during these reactions Kinetic energy is converted into potential energy during anabolic reactions. Example: Synthesis of polypeptide using different amino acids Catabolic reactions Complex and large molecules are broken down into simpler and small molecules during this reaction. These kinds of reactions involve hormones like cortisol, glucagon, cytokine and adrenaline. Energy is released during these reactions Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy during catabolic reactions Example: Breaking down of protein into its constituent amino acids.


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