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  1. What is the distribution of phenotypes produced from a cross between two pea plants that breed pure for two characteristics? The F2 generation will display how many different types of phenotypes and in what ratio..

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The branch of biology that deals with the study of genes, heredity and genetic variations are termed as genetics. Every gene contains two alleles for a trait, a dominant allele, and a recessive allele. A dominant allele will be expressed in a person even if only it's one copy is present in the gene, while a recessive allele will be expressed in a person if its two copies are present in the gene for the given trait.

Step 2

In the given question, two parent pea plants are pure breed plants for two traits, that is for both the traits they are homozygous in nature. Let the two traits be, seed color, and seed shape.

Alleles for seed color are Y (dominant allele for yellow seed color) and y (recessive allele for green seed color).

Alleles for seed shape are R (dominant allele for round seed) and r (recessive allele for wrinkled seed).


The genotype of parent 1 (P1) = RRyy (round green seed)

The genotype of parent 2 (P2) = rrYY (wrinkled yellow seed)

Making a cross between P1 and P2, we get:


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Parents P1 P2 Genotype RRyy rYY rY, rY rY and rY Gametes Ry, Ry, Ry, and Ry Hence, the F1 generation has RrYy genotype and phenotype is round yellow seeds

Step 3

For F2 generation, F1 generation is ...


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RrYy RrYy Parents Gametes Ry, RY, rY, and ry Ry, RY, rY, and ry Making a Punnett square, we get Gametes Ry RRyy (round green seeds) (RRYY) (round yellow seeds) RrYy (round yellow seeds) Rryy (round green seeds) RY rY ry Ry RRYY (round yellow seeds) RrYy (round yellow seeds) Rryy (round green seeds) RrYy (round yellow seeds) rYy (wrinkled yellow (wrinkled yellow seeds) RY RRYY RrYY (round yellow seeds) (round yellow seeds) RrYY rY TYY (round yellow seeds) RrYy (round yellow seeds) seeds) rrYy ryy (wrinkled yellow (wrinkled grreen seeds) ry seeds)


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