what is the equivalent algebraic expression for the composition: tan(arcsin(x))

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Trigonometric Ratios

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A: Add 7 to both sides. 

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A: Find the angle A in normal decimal degree:

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Q: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A in Q1 and tanB=3/7 with B in Q1, find cos(A+B).

A: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A  and tanB=3/7 with B , find cos(A+B)

Q: Explain to a friend how the Distributive Property is used to justify the fact that 2x+3x=5x

A: Click to see the answer

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A: Given equations are

Q: cos(pi/2) = ??? and cos(5pi/2) = ?????.

A: Given function is

Q: sin2(x)+3sin(x)+1=0   Solve for x

A: Consider the given information

Q: cos2 0 1 sin = 1 sin 0 We begin by writing the right side of the equation in terms of sine using the...

A: To prove, in below statement L.H.S is equals to R.H.S.

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A: Given,          The point P at an angle of 225 degrees on a circle of radius 2.7

Q: See attachment

A: Obtain the value of sin x as follows.

Q: photo attached

A: Given that,

Q: see attached

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A: It is given that, cot theta = –4.Compute the other five functional values as follows.

Q: Steps to get these solution

A: we have to find the value of x in the interval (0,2pie).

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A: Part (a):From the information, diagram is shown,

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A: We use Pythagorean identity sin^2 x+ cos^2 x=1with x=45From there we find cos45, and since cos 45 is...

Q: Number 7  sin theda = -sqrt 3 over 2

A: To find the solutions of the given trigonometric equation in the prescribed format

Q: If cosx=4/5,cscx<0,then: sin 2x=_____                  cos 2x=_____            tan 2x=_________ f...

A: NOTE: As you have posted question with multiple subparts, we will answer the first three questions f...

Q: see attachment

A: Given,

Q: The following graph shows at least one complete cycle of the graph of an equation containing a trigo...

A: The equation Y=Asin(Bx+D)+C.

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A: The situation mentioned in the problem can be shown in the below figure

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A: The given trigonometric equation is shown below.

Q: How do you rewrite the expression using a radical?

A: Part (a)  2432/5  First we use the rule of exponent x a/n = n√xa. So, using this rule in the part (a...

Q: How do  I find sin y =-sqrt 2/2? I know that you use the given to find the angle but a 45-45-90 has ...

A: The given trigonometric equation is

Q: photo attached

A: We begin by writing right hand side of equation in terms of sines and cosines by using reciprocal an...

Q: Solving

A: Given,

Q: cos 90 degrees + 3 sin 270 degrees

A: From unit circle we find cos 90 and sin 270 cos 90 degree= 0 and sin 270 degree = -1

Q: How to come to the solutions

A: The given equation is,

Q: Verify the identity.   1 + sin x 1 − sin x  −  1 − sin x 1 + sin x  = 4 sec x tan x

A: The given identity is,

Q: Find the exact function value of sec (π/3)

A: Given information

Q: photo attached

A: To prove the following identity

Q: Find the indicated power using De Moivre's Theorem. (Express your fully simplified answer in the for...

A: Let z = 1-iFirst write z in polar formr = sqrt((1)2 + (-1)2) = sqrt(2) = tan-1(-1/1) = tan-1(-1)=&gt...

Q: Solving

A: Consider the given trigonometric equation and interval.

Q: Use a calculator to find a decimal approximation for the following trigonometric function. sin (-335...

A: The given trigonometric function is,

Q: Find a possible formula for the two trigonometric functions graphed below. Use x as the independent ...

A: Since from the graph 1 it can be seen that it is passing through origin so it will be a sine graph.S...

Q: How does one find the domain of a composite function? I am not understanding the process

A: Composition of a function is defined as,

Q: Find the exact values of the following and simplify without the use of a calculator; all angles are ...

A: Use the trigonometric identity,

Q: As we discussed earlier in Problem Set 4.2, any object or quantity that is moving with a periodic si...

A: Given information:

Q: How do you perform the subtraction?

A: The given expression is