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What is the indirect effect of a change in accounting principle? Briefly describe the reporting of the indirect effects of a change in accounting principle.



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Change in an accounting principle: This change occurs when a company decides to change from an accounting principle to another, like change from LIFO to FIFO. A change in accounting principle effects the values that impact the figures of previous and current years, thus, impairs the consistency and comparability. Hence, the changes in accounting principle should be adjusted with a retrospective effect to impact the previous financial statements, to increase the comparability and the consistency of the values between the previous and current accounting periods.

Step 2

Indirect effects of a change in accounting principle: This the amount by which the income of a company of a previous period is affected due to effect of change in accounting principle on the other elements of income.

Methods of reporting accounting changes:

  • Retrospective adjustment method: This method requires that the previously reported financial statements should be revised to reflect the current accounting change. The change...

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