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what is the maximum cover requirement in inches for direct burial UF cable installed outdoors that supplies power to a 120V, 30A circuit?

a. 6in      b. 12in     c. 18in      d. 24in


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Step 1

Refer to “Table 300.5 Minimum Cover Requirements, 0 to 100 Volts, Nominal, Burial in Millimeters (Inches)” of National Electrical Code (NEC).

From column-1 of the Table 300.5, the minimum cover requirement for direct burial UF cable installed outdoors that supplies power to 120 V, 30 A circuit is 18 Inches.

Step 2

As the UF labelled underground feeder cables have a tough jacket designed for burial, they can be buried without an additional protection from conduits. The UF labelled ...

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