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What is the mole fraction of NO in a 55.0-L gas cylinder at 30°C which comes from a mixture of N2and NO if the cylinder contains 3.238 mol of N2 at a total pressure of 2.14 atm? 


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Step 1

Given information:

Volume of gas cylinder = 55.0 L

Temperature = 30 °C

Moles of nitrogen gas = 3.238 mol

Total pressure = 2.14 atm

Step 2

Ideal gas law gives the empirical relationship between pressure, volume, temperature, and amount of gas that is number of moles of a gas. The ideal gas equation is represented as follows:


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pV = nRT where, Pispressure of the gas Vis volume occupied by the gas n isnumber of moles of the gas (Universalgasconstant having a Risproportionality constant value 0.08206L.atm/mol.K Tis the temperature

Step 3

Using ideal gas equation first total moles o...


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pV =nRT pV n = RT 2.14 atmx55.0 L 0.08206 L.atm./mol.K×(273.15+30) K 117.7 mol 24.9 = 4.73 mol


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