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What is the number of significant figures for 1.010mL and 3.72x10-3


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Step 1

The number of significant figures in ...

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Q: What does the value of Kw say about the extent to which water molecule react with themselves? a. Wat...

A: Kw stands for the water ionization constant that is also called as water auto-ionization constant.


Q: If 125 cal of heat is applied to a 60.0-g piece of copper at 21.0 ∘C , what will the final temperatu...

A: The change in temperature can be calculated by using the formula:Amount of heat = mass*specific heat...


Q: What is the value of delta G at 120.00 C for a reaction in which delta H = 5.0kj/mole and delta S = ...

A: The change in Gibbs free energy is calculated as,


Q: Each copper(II) sulfate unit is associated with five water molecules in crystalline opper(II) sulfat...

A: The total mass of the blue solution is given as 15.01 g. When it is heated then it loses the water m...


Q: what does (98% wt/wt) mean?  The question I'm being asked is "what is the mass of 10.57 mL of acetic...

A: Weight by weight percentage (wt/wt %) is defined as the ratio of weight of a solute to the total wei...


Q: 15. This dipeptide is designated as: 0 O H3N-CH-CNH-CH-C-o CH2 CH2 OH SH a. Ser-Lys b. Ser-Cys c. Cy...

A: Amino acids are known to be the building blocks of these proteins. Each amino acid when present in i...


Q: A 1.00 m long beam of stainless steel with a square 2.00 cm×2.00 cm cross section has a mass of 3.02...

A: Given:1 m long beam of stainless steelcross section = 2.00 cm×2.00 cmmass = 3.02 kg.We need to calcu...


Q: Átom?

A:  Step 1:The entire universe is composed of energy and matter. Anything around us that has holds mass...


Q: The mass of a beaker is 5.333 g. After 5.00 mL of a concentated hydrochloric acid solution is pipet ...

A: Density is physical quantity that can be determined with the help of mass and volume of the given su...