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what is the number of significant figures in eacch of the following measuredments quantities: a  351g, b    0.0100 ml,    c 1.010 ml and d     3.75 time  10 to the power -3 cm 


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Step 1

We have to determine the number of significant figures in the given measured quantities-

  1. 351 g
  2. 0100 mL
  3. 010 mL
  4. 75×10-3cm
Step 2

Significant figures are the digits of a number that are important to express the accuracy and the precision of that number.

Rules to identify the significant figures-

  1. All non-zero digits are significant.
  2. Any zero between two significant digits are also significant
  3. Only trailing zeros in decimal portion are significant.

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Example a) 1234 has 4 significant digits b) 50085 has 5 significant digits c) 58.00 has 4 significant digits. d) 0.058 has 2 significant digits. e) 5.8x103has 2 significant digits f) 200 has 1 significant digit (. trailing zeros are not in decimal portion)

Step 3

a) 351 g-

As per Rule 1- All non-zero digits are significant.

Thus ...

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