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What is the oxidation number of oxygen atoms in O22−

What is the oxidation number of chlorine atom in ClO?

What is the oxidation number of oxygen atom in ClO?

What is the oxidation number of manganese atom in MnO2?


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Step 1

Oxidation is the process that involved the loss of electrons and oxidized to cation whereas reduction is the process that involved the gain of electrons and reduced to anion.

Step 2

The term oxidation number indicates the charge on atom after losing or gaining electron and form ion.

Step 3

In O22−;

Let’s assume the oxidation number...

2 x -2
x -1
Oxidation number of O in O22-= -1

Image Transcriptionclose

2 x -2 x -1 Oxidation number of O in O22-= -1


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