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what is the periplasmic space and what is periplasma? 


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The questions ask about the periplasm and periplasmic space.

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Periplasmic space:

It is a space located between the bacterial outer membrane and inner cytoplasmic membrane. It is present in gram bacteria. It has a layer made up of cross-linked amino acids and sugars that is known as peptidoglycan. It also contains periplasm.

The periplasm:

It is defined as a gel-like matrix (concentrated form). Periplasm has different types of enzyme such as acid phosphatases, alkaline phosphatases, 5’-nucleotidases, and cyclic phosphodiesterases.

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Difference in the periplasm between two types of gram bacteria: Gram negative and gram positive bacteria:

Periplasm and periplasmic spaceGram negative bacteriaGram positive bacteria
1. Constitute volume in a cell.

In these bacteria, it constitutes about 40% of the total cell volume.

In these bacteria, it constitutes a much smaller percentage of the total cell volume.
2. StructureGiven on boardGiven on board
3. Location

It is present in between the peptidoglycan layer and the outer membrane.

It is present in between the peptidoglycan layer and the inner membran...

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Gram Positive Plasma Membrane Plasma Membe Periplasmic space Peptidoglycan Peplamic space Outer membrane Peptidoglycan Gram Negative U


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