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What is the phase relationship between current and voltage for a pure resistance? For an
inductance? For a capacitance?


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Step 1

For Pure Resistance:

Resistance is the property of resistor, which always dissipates the power in the circuit.

In case of pure resistance, voltage and current are in same phase.

The angle between voltage and current is zero degree.


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V = Ix R

Step 2

For an Inductance:

Inductance is a property of inductor, which opposes the change in the current passing through the inductor. It stores the energy in the form of kinetic energy of moving electrons.

Voltage leads current by 90O or current lags voltage by 90O.

The voltage can be written as-


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( X, joL =joLI = »LIZ90° where, L Inductance I Curent Flowing through inductor

Step 3

For a Capacitance:

Capacitance is a property of capacitor, which stores electrical charges whenever there exists any potential difference across it. It starts releasing the stored charges w...


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1 1 joC joC I Z-900 С where, С %3 Сараcitance I Current Flowing through Capacitor


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