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What is the primary difference between a typical grade stamp and an E-rated (machine rated) grade stamp in terms of the information provided on the stamp?

When using a Timber as a beam (say a 6x10) why is the loading of that beam typically on the narrow side (face) of the Timber?


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The Grade designates the quality of lumber or wood product. The grade of a piece of lumber is based on the defects, imperfections, and other features that may lower its strength, durability and utility value.

Step 2

All the lumber manufactured for use in light construction or other structural applications is stress graded and grade stamped to that effect. This means lumber without a grade stamp should not be used in light construction.

Typical grade stamp of visually graded lumber contains information on species, grade, moisture content classification, agency and mill number.

In E-grading or non destructive system of grading, a stress rating equipment measures the stiffness of the material and sorts it into various modulus of elasticity classes.

Step 3

The grade stamp of E-rated lumber differs from that of the visually graded in the grade name designation. In visually graded lumber, the grade stamp shows the grade of the piece of lumber, whereas in E-rated...

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