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What is the resistance of the of an axon’s axoplasm segment with a length of 1 mm (enter your answer in units of M Ω)?


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Step 1


Length of the axon’s axoplasm segment, L = 1 mm = 1 x 10-3 m

We know that:

The resistivity of axon’s axoplasm = 1 ohm-m

The diameter of the axon’s axoplasm, D = 10 x 10-6 m

Then radius, R = D/2 = 5 x 10-6 m

Step 2

Resistance can be calculat...

Plugging in the given values:
1x1x 10
0.0127x 103 x1012
R 1.27 x10
= 12.7 M
(1M 106

Image Transcriptionclose

R A Plugging in the given values: 1x1x 10 0.0127x 103 x1012 R 3.14x(5x10) R 1.27 x10 = 12.7 M (1M 106


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