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What is the third base wobble position? How could third base wobble pairing occur between codon and anticodon nucleotides?


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The question asks about the third base wobble position. The occurrence of third base wobbles pairing in between the codon and anticodon nucleotides.  

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The Wobble Hypothesis:

Francis Crick stated this hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the 3rd base of an mRNA codon can go through base pairing with the first base in a tRNA anticodon (non-Watson-Crick base pairing).

It is a pairing that takes place between the two nucleotides in RNA molecules. It does not obey the Watson-Crick base pair rules. Wobble pairing is a type of base pairing in between the two nucleotides of RNA. Commonly, it occurs between the third position of codon and first position of anticodon.

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Third base wobble pairing between codon and anticodon nucleotides:

Since most of the organisms have less than 45 species of tRNA. Thus, certain tRNA species must undergo pa...

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