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What is the threshold frequency for sodium metal if a photon with frequency 6.66 × 1014 s−1 ejects an electron with 7.74 × 10−20 J kinetic energy? Will the photoelectric effect be observed if sodium is exposed to orange light?


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The kinetic energy of an electron is the difference between the energy of incident photon and the threshold energy and is given as,


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hv-hv+kineticenergy where vfrequency of incident light Vothreshold frequency h Plank's constant

Step 2

The threshold frequency of metal ca...


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hv hv+kineticenergy h(v-vo) kineticenergy 6.626x103 J.s(6.66x 1014s1-vo)=7.74x 1020J -34 7.74x1020 J (6.66x 104s-v 6.626x1034 J.s V6 -5.49x 101s*,threshold frequency


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