Asked Dec 1, 2019

What is the time constant of an oscillator if its amplitude of oscillation is decreased to 30.0% of its original value in 21.5 s?

- 35.7 s
- 8.93 s
- 17.9 s
- 3.16 s


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Calculating the time-constan...


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The equation for the amplitude of the oscillator, A = A eT Where 't' is the time constant, Ao is the maximum amplitude According to given data, in 21.5 s amplitide falls to 30%V of its original value Hence, at t 21.5 s, A = 0.30Ao 21.5s Substituting the values in the main equation, 0.30A =A^e 21.5s Taking log base e, both sides, 1.2 T 21.5s - 17.9s 1.2 T= T 17.9s


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