Asked Jan 1, 2020

What is the velocity ratio of a single fixed pulley?


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The expression for the ...

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Work,Power and Energy

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Q: When a body moves in a circular path, how much work is done by the body? Give reason.

A: The magnitude of work done by a force F with a displacement d is given by


Q: Differentiate between energy and power.

A: Energy is the capacity to do work. Energy is power integrated over time.Power is the rate at which w...


Q: Suppose 510B is struck by an alpha particle, releasing a proton and a product nucleus in the reactio...

A: The total number is conserved


Q: Define the term intensity of a sound wave. State the unit in which it is measured.

A: Sound intensity is also known as the acoustic intensity. It is defined as the power carried by the s...


Q: In the hydrogen atom, the quantum number n can increase without limit. Because of this fact, does th...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: Name the high energetic invisible electromagnetic wave which helps in the study of structure of crys...

A: The electromagnetic wave which helps in the study of structure of crystals is X-rays. 


Q: Differentiate between work and power.

A: Work and power are two important concepts of mechanics. Both are scalar quantities.


Q: Consider two heavy nuclei X and Y having similar mass numbers. If X has the higher binding energy, w...

A: Binding energy is energy required to break the nucleus into its constituent nucleons.


Q: It is difficult to cook vegetables on hills and mountains. Explain the reason.

A: In higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure will be low when compared to the sea level. As a resul...