What is thirty-seven ten -thousandths in standard form.?

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Q: how do i solve this: complete the square x2+5x. Factor the new expression.

A:          Given,

Q: 44k^2+65k+24

A: Refer to the question we need to factorize the quadratic equation 44k2+65z +24.

Q: Find the coordinates of the vertex of the quadratic function: y=x2+3

A: The quadratic equation is given by,

Q: The sum of three numbers is 104. The second number is 4 times the third. The third number is 10 more...

A: Given information:The sum of three numbers is 104. The second number is 4 times the third. The third...

Q: For f(x) vx and g(x)=x-4, find the following functions. a. (fo g)(x), b. (gof(x); c. (f o g)(5); d. ...

A: Given that two function:

Q: For # 37 #37) points (-7, 4) and (0, -8)

A: In this question we have the two points (-7,4) and (0, -8)We need to find the equation in slope inte...

Q: 5z2-5z+14 Factoring a quadratic with leading coefficient greater than 1: Problem type 1 I'm using th...

A: Given,

Q: how do you simplify (x+2)^3

A: Given information:The given expression is 

Q: 8÷2(2+)

A: To simplify the expression, the PEMDAS rule is used.PEMDAS stands for Parenthesis, Exponents, Multip...

Q: Condense the expression to the logarithm of a single quantity 1/2 [log 4 ( x +1) +2log 4 ( x −1)] +6...

A: Given, 

Q: #23

A: Given: The point that the line passes through is (−2,3).The equation of the line which is perpendicu...

Q: 2A-A=2

A: The given linear equation in  A is  2A-A=2.

Q: Let x represent one number and let y represent the other number. The sum of two numbers is 9. If one...

A: Given x and y are two numbers.Sum of x and y= x+y. So, x+y=9

Q: Graphing systems of  linear equations  find the solution for the following equations by graphing. Y=...

A: The given equations are,

Q: F=2KG+2KH solve for K

A: Given, 


A: (a)Consider the given value of z and use the following given formula for z:

Q: I need assistance in solving question 55.

A: Given information:The given equation is  

Q: 2/7(w−1)−34/7=−5

A: Given, 

Q: C+(4-3c)-2=0

A: Solve the given expression and compute the value of the c as follows.

Q: Use the vertex and intercepts to sketch the graph of the quadratic function. Give the equation of th...

A: In order to sketch the graph of quadratic function, convert the given quadratic function into standa...

Q: For following function, select (on the same set of coordinate axes) a graph for c = -3, 5, and 4.  ...

A: The function is given by,

Q: 5/8 \ 11/12

A: Refer to the question e need to solve this fraction value.

Q: # 90 and #91

A: 90. Solve a formula for a specific variable.

Q: The bar graph to the right shows the average number of hours that people sleep per day, by age group...

A: We are given a bar graph


A: (a)  Here,

Q: Function g is related to the parent function. Identify the parent function  f. ​ g(x)=4-[[x]] a. Con...

A: Consider the given function:

Q: #6

A: Any line parallel to 7x+y=3 will have form 7x+y=k.

Q: Suppose that the amount of time it takes to build a highway varies directly with the length of the h...

A: Time (T) is proportional to the length of the highway (L) and inversely proportional to the number o...

Q: Word Problems: 1) The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is 2604 feet longer than the Brooklyn Brid...

A: 1.Let the height of Brooklyn bridge be x.Let the height of Golden Gate bridge be y.

Q: how do i solve by factoring: 4(x-2)/x-3 +3/x = -3/x(x-3)

A: The given question is

Q: how can you figure out the end behavior of the function 1/2(x-1)(x+1)^3(x-2)^2

A: Given:The function is 

Q: Determine whether the following equation defines y as a function of x. y=-7x-10

A: Given,

Q: #33 and #34

A: Note: We are authorized to answer one question at a time, since there are two question, so we are an...

Q: I need assistance in solving question 56.

A: Given that, the equation is

Q: g(x) f(x) 1 The functions f and g are defined by the following tables. Use the tables to evaluate th...

A: We need to find the value of [f inverse g (10)].

Q: Graph the following function by making a table of coordinates. If applicable, use a graphing utility...

A: Given information:The given function is  

Q: Can someone explain why 2x * 2x is 22x. I know you add the exponents so I get the 2x part I just can...

A: We know that,

Q: What is 2+2?

A: The given expression is 2+2So it can be rewritten as,

Q: O SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS Paul Solving a word problem using a system of linear equations of. Esp...

A: Given information:Deandre the trainer has two solo workout plans that he offers his clients: Plan A ...

Q: How many sixths are in 2

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Divide. (-6x+8x-3) (x-1) 2 (x-6x +8x-3) (x-1)-L x- 1 (Simplify your answers. Do not factor.) Enter y...

A: The given expression is