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What mass of N2S4is formed when 10.00 g of Nis heated with 20.0 g S8?


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Step 1


Mass of N2 = 10.00 g

Mass of S8 = 20.0 g

The moles of N2 and S8 can be calculated as:


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10 g Mass 0.357 mol Moles of N2 28 g/mol Molar mass 20 g Mass = 0.078 mol Moles of Ss 256 g/mol Molar mass

Step 2

The balanced chemical reaction can be written as:


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2 N2S4 2 N2 Ss

Step 3

The limiting reagent can be calculated as:

Stochiometric molar ratio (N2 : S8) = 2 : 1

Actual molar ratio (N2 : S8) = 0.357 : 0.078 = 4.5 : 1

Since N2 is in excess amount, so the limiting reagent is S8. T...


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1 mol Ss produces 2 mol N2S4 2 mol N2S4 . 0.078 mol Ss will produce 0.078 mol Ss X 1 mol S8 = 0.156 mol N2S4


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