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What mass of water is produced from the complete combustion of 4.70*10-3 g of methane?


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Step 1

The term combustion reactions refer to those chemical reactions which occur at a high temperature and are highly exothermic in nature as they occur between the fuel and an oxidant such as atmospheric oxygen and results in the formation of gaseous products which are oxidized in a mixture called as smoke. In such typed of reactions hydrocarbons react with water and result in the formation of water and carbon dioxide.

Step 2

The term number of moles refers to the ratio of mass to the molar mass of a given chemical species. The mathematical formula is as shown below:


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Mass Number of moles= Molar mass

Step 3

The balanced chemical reaction which shows the combustion of methane is as follows:

From the above equation...


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-CO,+2 H,ο CH+202


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