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What period did modern humans evolve?


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Modern human beings are classified under the Tribe: Hominini under the Suborder: Anthropoidea of Order: Primates. They are the highly advanced placental mammals with social and cultural evolution. They are the most dominant organism on earth too with the capability to manipulate their surrounding and other living organisms.

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Paleoanthropology studies the evolution of humans. There are two theories for the origin of modern Homo sapiens which includes: out of Africa and multiple dispersal models. The out of Africa model is the most accepted on based on fossil evidences and molecular anthropology. Modern humans originated within the past 200,000 years in Africa and evolved from their most recent common ancestor called Homo erectus. Homo erectus is an extinct species of human that lived between 1.9 million and 135,000 years ago. Hominins first appear by around 6 million years ago, in the Miocene epoch at the end period of 5.3 million years ago. So, modern humans are evolved in Miocene epoch.

Very old fossil evidences were obtaine...

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