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What proportion of a normal distribution is located in the tail beyond z = –1.00?​


What proportion of a normal distribution is located in the tail beyond z = –1.00?​

Step 1

Here we have given already a standard normal distribution. 

We have given z-scores and from z-scores we need to find P(Z > 1.00) and P(Z > -1.00).

P(Z > -1.00) = 1 - P(Z < -1.00) = 1- 0.1587 = 0.8413

Step 2

First find P(Z > 1.00).

P(Z > 1.00) = 1-P(Z < 1.00)

This probability we can find in statistical table.

P(Z < 1.00) = 0.8413

P(Z > 1.00) = 1 - 0.8413 = 0.1587


Step 3

Now again we have to find P(Z > -1.00).

See the graphs of P(Z > 1.00) and P(Z > -1.00).



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