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what structure contains enzymes needed by sperm to penetrate an oocyte?


what structure contains enzymes needed by sperm to penetrate an oocyte?

Step 1

Fertilization takes place when nuclei of both sperm and an oocyte fuse. Initially, a sperm must fuse with the female eggs’ plasma membrane and enter to fertilize the egg. The egg possesses a hard shell (extracellular matrix), which act as a barrier for penetration of the sperm. Hence, sperm cells must undergo a process called acrosome reaction. The acrosome reaction takes place in the acrosome. The acrosome is a cap-like structure present in the sperm’s head.  

Step 2

The sperm must reach the two protective layers of the egg in order to reach the oocyte. First, the sperm must penetrate the cells of corona radiate. Later, it must bind to the receptors of zona pellucida. This binding process initiates a reaction called the acrosomal reaction. During the acrosomal reaction, the acrosome discharges its stored digestive enzymes. The...

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