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What type  of chemical bond is present in a single
water molecule?

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Step 1

An attraction between two atoms, molecules or ions is termed as a chemical bond. Due to the presence of a chemical bond, a chemical compound is formed. A chemical bond can be formed due to the sharing of electrons, as in covalent bond, or can be formed due to attraction between oppositely charged ions, as in ionic bond.

Step 2

The structure of a molecule of water is shown below:

Biology homework question answer, step 2, image 1
Step 3

From the above structure of a molecule of H2O, it is seen that the oxygen atom is slightly negative in nature and the two hydrogen atoms are slightly positive in nature. In this molecule, the sharing of electrons occurs between both the O—H bonds, thus forming a covalent bond. But oxygen is much electronegative in nature as compared to hydr...

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