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What volume of each of the following solutions contains the indicated amount of dissolved solute?

35.0 g solute in 0.275 NaF

35.0 g solute in 0.275 M CdCl2

50.0 g solute in 0.418 M K2CO3

50.0 g solute in 0.418 M Fe(ClO3) 3


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Step 1


Dividing moles of solute by the volume of solution in Liter.


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Molesof solute Molarity=. Volume of solution in L

Step 2


Dividing taken mass substance by molar mass of substance.


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Mass Mole= Molar mass

Step 3

Find the mole of solute that is present in give mass of solutes,

Molar mass of NaF is 41.98817 g/mol

Molar mass of CdCl2 is 183.32 g/mol

Molar m...


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35.0 g Mole of NaF= -=0.8336 mole 41.98817 g/mol 35.0 g Mole of CdCl, = 0.191mole 183.32 g/mol 50.0g = 0.362 mole Mole of K,CO; : 138.205 g/mol 50.0g Mole of Fe (Cl03), 0.163mole 306.1986 g/mol


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