what´s the derivate of x/3*x^2

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A: We’ll answer the first question since the exact one wasn’t specified. Please submit a new question s...

Q: indefinite integral of 3x−5/6 dx

A: The given integral is,

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A: Given thatGiven that

Q: please answer question 19

A: Consider a function f(x)=2x+cosxWhen 2x+cosx=0 then f(x)=0f(x)=0 occurs at x intercept. 

Q: Find the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve. 18. r^2 = 4cos2(theta)

A: Refer to the question we need to find the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve.

Q: Express the given quantity as a single logarithm. 2)2 In(x 2)7In x - In(x2 +

A: Let the given expression is:

Q: Q 7. Is cos x| differentiable in (-oo, oo). If so find its derivative. If not, is it differentiable ...

A:  Let us begin with plotting the graph for |cos x|.

Q: If the instantaneous rate of change of g(x) at (−1, −3) is 1/2, write the equation of the line tange...

A: Slope of tangent line is ½. So the equation is of the form: 

Q: Please answer question d, for h(x) = 5x^3 - 3x^5

A: Using Wolfram alpha the graph of the function is as shown below 

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given function is

Q: Questions 19

A: Given:

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given function is

Q: Evaluate the indefinite integral -3 tan (x) sec'(x) dx +C

A: Given,

Q: The population (in millions) of the United States between 1970 and 2010 can be modeled as p(x) = 20...

A: Consider the given information:

Q: Let f(x,y)= x2-y2 a) On the set of xy-axes, draw the level curves L(x,y) = k for k= 1,2,3. On anothe...

A: The level curves f (x, y) = k are just the traces of the graph of f in the horizontal plane z = k pr...

Q: Find dy/dx

A: Given expression,

Q: Angle of tangent to curve 8 of 13 Review Constants Part A What angle does the tangent to the curve y...

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Q: This is a 2 part question, kind of.... Part 1: Find the derivative.f (t) = 3t sin2 t Part 2: Is ther...

A: Given function is:Applying the derivative with respect to t and using the chain rule i.e. (uv)' = u'...

Q: Evaluate the integral -2t sin(-3t) dt Note: Use an upper-case "C" for the constant of integration.

A: Given Integral;

Q: For the given cost function C(x)=28900+500x+x2 find:a) The marginal cost at the production level 135...

A: The marginal cost at the production level 1350  is C'(1350)Answer(a): 3200

Q: A silo (base not included) is to be constructed in the form of a cylider surmounted by a hemisphere....

A: Click to see the answer

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: Find the limit as (x,y)->(0,0) along the path y=x for x<0

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Q: see attachment

A: Factor out 2. 

Q: see attachment

A: Given trigonometric equation is,  

Q: I am confused about parts C and D.

A: Given:Three-digit numbers:

Q: You are tasked with constructing a rectangular box with a square base, an open top, and a volume of ...

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Q: A. Find K given that K-1, 13, and 3k+3 are consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence.  B. Write do...

A: Given that K-1, 13, and 3k+3 are consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence.

Q: see attachment

A: The relation between the temperature and the height above a distance planet is,

Q: For the composite function, identify an inside function and an outside function and write the deriva...

A: Plug f(x)= g(h(x)) in the given function. 

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: (a) Finding the local extremas:

Q: The question says: "A pair of parametric equations is given. a.) Sketch the curve represented by the...

A: Given:

Q: Identify the curve by finding a Cartesian equation for the curve, r = 4sec(theta)

A: Refer to the question we have to find the Cartesian equation for the curve r = 4sec(theta)

Q: 51 and 52 Find dy/de and d2y/dz2. For which values of t is the parametric curve concave upward? 51. ...

A: 52. The given parametric curve are

Q: I need help working this problem. I get stuck at this point. I think my algebra is failing with the ...

A: Given function: m(t)=2/(t-1)

Q: I need help with problem 17 in Section 3.9, page 249, of the the James Stewart Calculus Eighth Editi...

A: Given:Two cars start moving from the point. One car travel towards south at 60 mi/h and another trav...

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given function is

Q: see attachment

A: Answer: cos B= 5/13 

Q: Use the properties of natural logarithms to simplify the function. f(x) = ln(e8x) − 5x − ln(1)

A: Properties of natural logarithm.

Q: Find the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve. r=sin(8theta)

A: Draw the given curve as shown below.

Q: Solve the IVP: y" - 5/ + 4y = 0, y(0) = -3, / (0) = 3 О у 3 Зе 6 y=-5e 2e 4 O y 2e4r 5е"

A: To find y=y(x) satisfying all the given conditions in the initial value problem 

Q: Find the function L that linearly approximates f at the given point. a. f(x,y) = X2+y2; (0,0) b. f(x...

A: Refer to the question, we have to find the function L that linearly approximates f at the given poin...

Q: Use integration by parts to evaluate the integral. 6 3 e cos x dk 0

A: The given integral is,

Q: The marketing division of a large firm has found that it can model the sales generated by an adverti...

A: From the given information, it is observed that the aim is to find the ds/dx at the point x = 16.

Q: While taking a walk along the road where you live, you accidentally drop your glove, but you don't k...

A: That you dropped it within 1 kilometer of home this means 0≤x≤1We have to find the probability P(0≤x...

Q: Consider the function f(x)=2x^3+6x^2-90x+8, [-5,4] find the absolute minimum value of this function....

A: The function is given by,

Q: Approximate the integral from 2 to 14 (x2 -5)dx using 4 rectangles

A: To find the area under the curve using rectangles, the Reimann sum is used.First, we need to find th...

Q: Express -x 2dx as aumit X eSS OF ngnt -hard Riemann Sums las the definition Of the indlefmite T cuva...

A: Given integral

Q: A storage shed is to be built in the shape of a box with a square base. It is to have a volume of 44...

A: Click to see the answer