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When 83.2g of Zn reacts with 52.4g of S(sub8), 104.4g of ZnS forms. What is the percent yield of ZnS using the following unbalanced equation?


Zn(s)+ Ssub8 (s) = ZnS


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Step 1

In chemistry, there are many ways to check the deviation of experimental data from the accurate value. These different methods provide the difference between accuracy and precisions of the experimental data which can be further used to calculate the error percentage in the experiment.

Step 2

The balance equation for the formation of ZnS from Zn and S8:

8 ZnS
> 8 ZnS,

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8 ZnS > 8 ZnS, '(s)

Step 3

Mass of Zn  = 83.2 g

Mass of S8 = 52.4 g

Molar mass of Zn  = 65.41 g/mol

Molar mass of...

83.2 g
Moles of Zn 65.41 g/mol 1.27moles
52.4 g
Moles of S 256.56 g/mol 0.204 moles

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83.2 g Moles of Zn 65.41 g/mol 1.27moles 52.4 g Moles of S 256.56 g/mol 0.204 moles


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