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When a 0.850 g sample of a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons is burned in a bomb calorimeter with a heat capacity of 4440 J/°C, the temperature rises by 4.00°C.

What is the change in energy in kJ

Calculate the energy change by the combustion of a 5.50 g sample of the same mixture.

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Expert Answer

Step 1

Combustion reactions are those chemical reactions in which hydrocarbons are burnt in the presence of air or oxygen in order to produce carbon dioxide and water.

Step 2

The heat capacity of the calorimeter (Ccal) is given to be 4440 J/oC.

The change in the temperature of the system is given to be 4.00oC.

The heat of the calorimeter can be calculated using the following equation as follows:

Step 3

The heat which has been released by the system is the he...


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