When an object is electrically charged by rubbing it,Select one:a. charged atoms are transferred between the object and what it is rubbed on.b. electrons are transferred between the object and what it is rubbed on.c. energy creates charges on the object.d. friction creates charges on the object.

Asked Oct 27, 2019

When an object is electrically charged by rubbing it,

Select one:
a. charged atoms are transferred between the object and what it is rubbed on.
b. electrons are transferred between the object and what it is rubbed on.
c. energy creates charges on the object.
d. friction creates charges on the object.

Expert Answer

Step 1

An object is said to be charged, means that it received or lost some electrons. If it gains electrons, it will be negatively charged and will be positively charged when it lost electrons.

During rubbing, objects will get charged and it is due to the transfer of electrons between rubbing objects. Thus, option (b) is correct.

Step 2

On rubbing, charged atoms cannot move. Thus, option (a) is incorrect.

Charge can be neither created nor d...

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