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When carbon is burned in air, it reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide. When 27.6 g of carbon were burned in the presence of 92.5 g of oxygen, 18.9 g  of oxygen remained unreacted. What mass of carbon dioxide was produced?
Express your answer to one decimal place and include the appropriate units.

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Step 1

Mass of oxygen (m) that is used to produced carbon dioxide is calculated as follows:


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m 92.5 g -18.9 g 73.6 g

Step 2

According to the combustion reaction of carbon (C), one mole of C reacts with one mole of oxygen gas (O2) to produce one mole of CO2. So, 12.0 g of carbon reacts with 32.0 g of O2. So...


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32.0 g O2 т 12.0 g C -x27.6 g C = 73.6 g O2


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