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When copper is heated with an excess of sulfur, copper(I) sulfide is formed. In a given experiment, 0.0970 moles of copper was heated with excess sulfur to yield 3.46 g copper(I) sulfide. What is the percent yield?


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When copper is heated with an excess of sulfur, copper (I) sulfide is formed. In a given experiment, 0.0970 moles of copper were heated with excess sulfur to yield 3.46 g copper (I) sulfide. The percent yield is to be determined.

Step 2

Write the chemical equation showing the reaction of copper with excess of sulfur.


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Reaction between copper and sulfur is- 16Cu (s)S (s)-» 8Cu,S (s)

Step 3

Determine the theoretical yield of copper (I) sulfide-

As per the balanced equation, 16 moles of Cu yield 8 moles of c...


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16 moles of Cu produce = 8 moles of Cu,S 0.0970 moles Cu :.0.0970 moles of Cu will produce 8 moles of Cu,Sx- 16 moles Cu 0.0485 moles of Cu2S Hence Theoretical yield Moles of Cu,S produced x Molar mass of Cu2S 0.0485 moles x 159.16 g/mol = 7.72 grams


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