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how do i do this 

When heated, KC10, decomposes into KCl and O,.
→ 2 KCl + 30,
2 KC1O,
If this reaction produced 57.9 g KCl, how many grams of O, were produced?
g O2

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When heated, KC10, decomposes into KCl and O,. → 2 KCl + 30, 2 KC1O, If this reaction produced 57.9 g KCl, how many grams of O, were produced? g O2 mass:


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given information:

Mass of KCl produced = 57.9 g

Step 2

The chemical equation for decomposition of KClO3 is represented as follows:


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2KC1O, → 2KC1+ 30,

Step 3

First, number of moles of KCl will be calculated using m...


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57.9 g Number of moles of KCl= 74.5513 g/mol = 0.7766 mol


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