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When rubidium ions are heated to a high temperature, two lines are observed in its line spectrum at wavelengths (a) 7.9 × 10−7 m and (b) 4.2 × 10−7 m. What are the frequencies of the two lines? What color do we see when we heat a rubidium compound?


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Step 1

Frequencies and wavelengths are related to each other via the equation shown below.

Step 2

Given data:


Image Transcriptionclose

Wavelenght of first line (a) 7.9x10 m Wavelenght of second line (b)= 4.2x107 m

Step 3

The Frequencies of two lines are calcul...


Image Transcriptionclose

c (1) Where vis the frequency. c is the speed of light (3x10 m/s). is the wavelenght of line.


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