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 When water is added to solid calcium carbide, CaC2, the produces are acetylene gas, C2H2, and
aqueous calcium hydroxide.
a. Write the balanced chemical equation for this reaction.
b. How many moles of acetylene are produced when 0.50 moles of calcium carbide react?
c. How many moles of calcium carbide are needed to completely react with 5.00x1022 water


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given information:                                              

Moles of calcium carbide = 0.50 moles

Moles of water molecules = 5.00x1022 water molecules

Step 2

a. The balanced chemical equation for reaction of solid calcium carbide to produce acetylene gas and aqueous calcium hydroxide is represented as follows:


Image Transcriptionclose

CaC, (s)+2H,0()C,H,(g)+Ca(OH), (aq)

Step 3

b. According to the reaction 1 mole of calcium carbide produces 1 mole of acetylene gas thus, 0.50 mole...

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