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Which are the countries that did not sign the UNCLOS Treaty and why?


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The UNCLOS defines the rights and the responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of the world’s oceans. The world oceans were the main means through which the international trade took place and flourished in the 19th and the 20th centuries and this lead to the development of the measures to protect and develop a good means and guidelines of use of world oceans. The guidelines were established for business, environment and management of the marine resources in the world oceans. Thus, the UNCLOS was a multifaceted program which had its importance in economics, environment and political relations between the countries.

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The UNCLOS was introduced in the year of 1994 which came to known as the law of the sea as it was a public as well as international law for the rights and duties among countries for using the world oceans. The environmental conservation, reducing the pollution of the ocean waters as well as the macro plastic pollution of the oceans, territorial disputes and cross border management, shipping and ports management for business and international trade etc.

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The countries which did not sign the UNCLOS includes the US, ANDORRA, ISRAEL, KAZAKHSTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, PERU, SYRI...

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