Asked Oct 14, 2019

Which does not have a noble gas configuration?

A. Sc3+

B. Ar

C. O2-

D. K

I answered A.Sc3+ which ended up being wrong.  I need to know how to find the answer.  And apparently I don't know what a noble gas configuration is if I got the answer wrong.


Expert Answer

Step 1

An atom is mainly composed of three sub-particles; electrons, protons and neutrons. These particles are arranged in a certain way in the atom and provide electrical neutrality to the molecule. Electrons are placed in different energy levels of an atom.

Step 2

The energy levels of electrons in an atom can be explained with the help of different quantum numbers.

The distribution of electrons in an atom can be shown with the help of electronic configuration. The electronic configuration of an element represents the number of electrons in different energy levels of an element. The energy levels must be arranged in increasing order of their energy and can only accommodate a certain number of electrons.

Step 3

The Noble gases are the elements of group-18 with ns2, np6 configuration. The ions or atoms which have this...

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