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which is one of the most abundant element in the universe?


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The measure of existence of a given element in comparison to other all elements is known as the abundance of chemical...

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Q: elements belonging to 18th group are also known as inert gases. why?

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Q: How many degrees of unsaturation are present in each compound?a. C6H6b. C8H18c. C7H8Od. C7H11Bre. C5...

A: The degrees of unsaturation can be calculated from below formula.


Q: what is the cause of peptisation?

A: The formation of colloidal particles from a fresh precipitate on addition of suitable electrolyte by...


Q: give the cause of lanthanide contraction.

A: The long form of the periodic table is a tabular arrangement of all known elements. Here the element...


Q: which has more electron affinity flourine or chlorine?

A: Electron affinity:The change in energy of a neutral atom in gaseous phase when an electron is added ...


Q: draw the structure of malonic acid?

A: All the oxygen atoms having partial negative charge and all atoms attached to oxygen having partial ...


Q: calculate the equivalent weight pf KMnO4 in acidic medium.

A: KMnO4 is a strong oxidizing agent. The oxidation state of Mn in KMnO4 is +7. In acidic medium, Mn+7 ...


Q: Which of the following defects is also known as dislocation defect? (i) Frenkel defect (ii) Schottk...

A: One of the defects shown by ionic solids is Frenkel effect. In this defect, the smaller ions are dis...


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A:  The hydrogenation reaction is the reaction of addition of hydrogen at the double bonded C atoms of ...