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Which of the following buffer systems would be the best choice to create a buffer with pH = 7.1?

For the best system, calculate the ratio of the masses of the buffer components required to make the buffer.


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Step 1

The best buffer system to create pH of 7.1 is determined as follows,


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pK of HCH = 4.75 pK of HCIO2 1.96 pK of NH 9.25 a pK of HCIO= 7.53

Step 2

The HClO pKa value is close to given pH range hence, HClO/KClO serves as the best choic...


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A pH pKa log HA here, HCIO pKа 3D 7.53 AConjugate base ClO HA weak acid = HC1O [сю ] НСЮ] ClO 7.1 7.53 log [CIo [НСIO)] log - 7.1-7.53 ClO log [HСю] =-0.43 CIO [Нсю] 0.372


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