Asked Nov 5, 2019

Which of the following could result in theDens fracturing and/or stabbing into the medullar oblongata?

a.whiplash injuries

b.diving into shallow water

c.possibly hanging

d.A,B and c 

e.None of these 


Expert Answer

Step 1

The odontoid process is also known as the dens, which is a protuberance of the axis. Hanging is the compression of neck which causes Hangman’s fracture.  This fracture occurs when the odontoid process of second cervical vertebra with bone fragments, stabs into medulla oblongata. The fracture is the result of an extreme force on the upper vertebrae, particularly on the dens of the axis.

Step 2

Hangman’s fracture causes injury to the spinal cord which leads to paralysis of respiratory muscles and usually death. This Fatal fracture can occu...

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