Asked Oct 23, 2019
Which of the following does not occur during the excitation contraction coupling of skeletal muscle?
Opening of ryanodine receptor calcium channels
Calcium binding to troponin
Tropomyosin shifting away from myosin binding sites on the actin
An end plate potential

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Step 1

Excitation contraction coupling of skeletal muscle is the connection between electrical action potential mechanical muscle contraction. In this process an electrical stimulus is converted into a mechanical response. It includes communication between nerves and muscles, and depolarization in sarcolemma.

Step 2

Opening of ryanodine receptor calcium channels occurs during the excitation contraction coupling, because, ryanodine receptors are responsible for the release of calcium ions (Ca2+) from the intracellular stores during this process in skeletal muscle.

Step 3

Calcium binding to troponin is an important step of excitation contraction coupling, because action potential triggers sarcoplas...

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