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Which of the following IS found in basal land plants (Embryophyta), but NOT found in Chara?
a. Multicellular gametangia with sterile jacket.
b. Diploid mitosis.
c. Photoautotrophous gametophyte
d. Haploid mitosis.
e. Sperm cells with two flagella

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Step 1

The question says which character is present in the basal land plants (embryophyta) but absent in Chara.

Step 2

The Embryophyta are usually known as land plants as they live chiefly in the terrestrial habitats, whereas the associated green algae are usually aquatic. Chara belongs to a genus of charophyte green algae (in the family Characeae). They are multicellular which look like land plants that bear stem and leaf-like structures.

Step 3

The option (b) is correct.

Mitosis is a nuclear division process in a eukaryotic cell. It takes place when a parent cell show division to form two similar daughter cells.

All embryophytes show the sporic life cycles. In this life cycle, both haploid and diploid cells produce the multicellular bodies by mitotic cell divisions.

In the life cycle of Chara, a d...

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